Dr. Graeme Archer is VP & Head of the Non-clinical and Translational Statistics (NCTS) group in GSK R&D. NCTS ensures integrity in the design, analysis and interpretation of models and experiments developed by GSK’s Research Units – Graeme is particularly focused on ‘translation’ (what do we predict will be observed in man, and how confident in those predictions should we be?) On GSK’s Research governance boards he strives for statistical rigour in portfolio decision-making – and was joint winner of the 2019 Royal Statistical Society’s Pharmaceutical Excellence award for his work on Quantitative Decision-Making. His 1990s PhD, from the University of Glasgow, concerned Bayesian methods for image analysis – early ‘machine learning’? – and as a consequence he is a champion for synergy between the statistical and AI/ML communities. Graeme spent a sabbatical year in 2016 as a speech-writer for a British cabinet minister.